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Turmeric daily dope memory prediabetic

Turmeric daily dope memory prediabetic

One gram of turmeric daily could improve the memory of people at risk of cognitive impairment related to diabetes, according to Australian researchers from Monash Asia Institute of the University of Monash.

The rhizome of powdered turmeric is used as a food spice, but also as a medicine for thousands of years.  Enjoy Coloring It is a powerful anti-inflammatory that modern medicine is exploring multiple applications.

Turmeric, also called saffron from India, is a very common ingredient in Eastern and Asian cuisine. Its color distinctive from yellow curcumin, the major pigment in turmeric. http://enjoycoloring.com/tag/nick-jr/ Work has already shown positive effects in reducing the risk of dementia .

A new study whose results were published in the Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that people with early symptoms of diabetes , which increases the risk of dementia, especially could benefit from a daily intake of curcumin (turmeric in English), according to Professor Mark Wahlqvist, which states that early intervention could either stop the disease or reduce its impact.

Turmeric is a perennial herb native to southern Asia.  Its dried and powdered rhizome is a very popular spice.  Studies have shown it contains powerful antioxidants.

The ambitions of Vega

Another additional element introduced for this flight, although only in the first stage of qualification, is a flanking radar. "This is a station that sees the pitcher to the side to avoid being embarrassed by the Flame effect. " Enjoy Coloring  This radar provides the location of the launcher without the need for specific maneuvers and therefore without impacting the performance of the launcher. Indeed, during the inaugural flight of Vega, February 13, 2012, "RF links (RF), which enable communication with the launcher, were lost during part of the first phase of flight" . At issue: the effects of flames generated by the combustion of stage propellant solid that causes emissions of metallic particles and attenuates RF signals.

As Jon says Harr, the acquisition measures Service Engineer at CSG, "respecting the limit of an aspect angle theta (the angle of view of the rocket from the ground station), we would not have problem of flame effects " . Power Rangers coloring pages The flanking station can be used only if the launcher's trajectory requires. For example, during the flight VV02 this was not necessary. The qualification of a flanking radar will enable the launch operator in operating have available very flexible means to meet all the specific needs of each mission.

The ambitions of Vega

Although the commercial operating phase Vega has not begun, the European Space Agency and the project partners are thinking already at its advanced version. "This is to respond to a request for customers Potential wanting more performance. " The idea is to "increase the reference performance" , which is currently 1,500 kg over a circular polar orbit at 700 km altitude, inclined at 90 ° to the equator and "bring in a first stage (Vega-C) to around two tonnes and therefore increase the commercial attractiveness of the launcher " .

The main element of this evolution is the first floor. He is currently powered by a large monolithic motor ( P80 ) and contains 87,732 kg of solid propellant HTPB 1912. This engine delivers a maximum thrust of 3,015 kN in vacuum. The idea is to provide it with a new engine that would develop in synergy with  Ariane 6 , so that the first floor of evolved Vega is also used as boosters booster of the new version of Ariane .

What about Verta flights?

What about Verta flights?

Thus, the first flight Verta (second launch of Vega) with satellite Proba V has he "helped many major qualifications multiple adapter payloads for the launch of several satellites" and others which concerned the shooting strategy. Enjoy Coloring After the first fully commercial flight, launched April 29, 2014 successfully by Arianespace in an operating diagram type, the second flight Verta is that of IXV. The third launch Verta, scheduled for summer 2015 with the launch of scientific demonstrator Lisa Pathfinder is still another task since it will put into orbit the satellite "on a transfer path to reach, thanks to the system satellite propulsion, orbit the Lagrangian ( Lagrange point  1) ".

Added to this is that these flights are Verta much opportunity to make and gradually introduce many small improvements "to optimize the performance of the launcher, treat abnormalities of the initial outbound operations and reduce the cost of service launch", so to shorten the countryside, for example. Princess coloring pages This is to strive for a "stability Vega launch system" in order to carry out "  launch campaigns that generate little anomalies "and allow a balanced exploitation.

In detail, the flight of the IXV has only qualification goals. This "different from a typical satellite launch by the injection of the payload on a course back to the place of injection into an orbit" and that this launch "is to the east while most Vega clients will use to run north " . And for that, this launch "presents a series of specific known especially for backup operations" , which explains the delay in the launch , originally scheduled for November 18th.

We include additional system to locate the shooter in real time (ALS), which will be described in the next Vega launch. Indeed, in order to comply with the requirements of the French law of June 2008 legislating on space operations from the Guiana Space Centre , the IRS currently embedded functional system on the launcher is not enough in itself to backup needs.

Discover Vega missions, the starter IXV

Discover Vega missions, the starter IXV

Originally scheduled for 18 November, the launch of the re-entry demonstrator IXV Esa take place on 11 February 2015. Enjoy Coloring It was postponed due to a security issue related to the trajectory of the Vega launcher. It will take off within Verta, a program must demonstrate the flexibility of this machine, as explained Renato Lafranconi.

The launch of the demonstrator IXV by Vega Verta is part of the program of the European Space Agency ( ESA ), which aims to demonstrate "the flexibility of the pitcher  " , explains Renato Lafranconi, the program manager for the operation of Vega Esa.

Vega, "which supplements for small payloads family of European launchers, alongside Ariane 5 (heavy launcher) and Soyuz (medium launcher) " , http://enjoycoloring.com/tag/realistic/ was designed to meet institutional and commercial needs. It targets the market for light satellites some 1,500 kg and small models such as microsatellites (between 10 and 500 kg) that can be run in multiple configuration. Vega also an opportunity for nanosatellite less than 10 kg on orbits bass.

When it enters service in its first launch in February 2012, this flight  alone  is not enough to show all its "flexibility and multitude of missions he is likely to make" . Hence the decision Esa demonstrate the extent of its capabilities "in five flights Verta, different from each other".

Improve memory by removing a protein?

Improve memory by removing a protein?

Scientists at the McGill University Health Centre (RI-MUHC) have identified a molecule whose deletion in mice improves brain function and memory.

Memory is the ability to quickly activate neural circuits through the strengthening of certain synapses.

"Our results show that the brain contains a protein important limiting the production of molecules necessary for the formation of memory , says Dr. Keith Murai, neuroscientist at the RI-MUHC and lead author of a study published in the journal Cell Reports and Associate Professor in the Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery at McGill University.  Enjoy Coloring We found that when this protein, which acts as a brake is removed, the brain is able to store more information. Do you even lift

Based on previous research, the results have shown that the production of new molecules necessary for the preservation of memories, Dr. Murai and his team used a control mice to examine how changing neural connections acting on the formation of new memories.

FXR1P, the molecule that prevents memories

Scientists have discovered that a protein called FXR1P (Fragile X Related Protein 1) prevented the production of molecules needed to form new memories. http://enjoycoloring.com/tag/sports/ When this protein is selectively removed from some parts of the brain, new molecules are produced strengthening the connections between the cells and thus improving memory in mice.

"The role of protein FXR1P surprises us says Dr. Murai.  Prior to our study, no one had found a role in this regulator in the brain. Our results have provided fundamental knowledge on how the brain processes information. Do you even lift

Humidity of the house: the fight against rising damp

Humidity of the house: the fight against rising damp

The humidity in the house can make unsafe housing. It is important to know the causes of rising damp and the means to fight against the rising damp.

Rising damp is one of the diseases most destructive building. Enjoy Coloring On the underground origin, it generates visible and invisible damage that affect the health of residents. It is essential to clearly identify the causes of rising damp, to apply the proper therapy .

Capillary rise resulting from direct contact with walls and floors down with the water present in the soil. The water permeates the masonry throughout its thickness and climbs by capillarity natural, to evaporate in air free. http://enjoycoloring.com/tag/teens/ The ascent stops when it finds its equilibrium. The average height is 0.80 to 1.50 m. In extreme cases, the moisture can reach a height of stage. Lifts occur in open-pored material and interconnected to form channels or capillaries. They are more or less slowly depending on the water content of the soil, the density and the thickness of the masonry.

Ultimately, their effects cause sagging and building unsafe. Evil affects mainly to the 60 previous constructions, devoid of tight barrier. It should be distinguished old buildings, heritage, whose disorders are often associated with sustained transformations, reconstructions of postwar dictated by the emergency. In January 1961, the first version of the DTU 20.1 (unified technical document) imposes capillary breaks in the works in traditional masonry. At the same time, the petrochemical industry is developing new ways to seal the foundation. But modern construction also knows its share of annoyances ...

Former habitat or contemporary, this folder gives you the keys to understanding the origin of the problems that concern you and find the right remedies.

Efficiency at 60.8% with three doses

Efficiency at 60.8% with three doses

An article in the New England Journal of Medicine describes the clinical trials conducted with the objective to know the efficacy of the candidate vaccine developed by Sanofi-Pasteur. Enjoy Coloring This vaccine is composed of four virus recombinants; involved 20,869 healthy children aged 9-16 years in five countries: Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Honduras and Puerto Rico. The children were randomly divided into two groups that received either vaccine (two thirds of participants) or placebo (one third of participants), three times, with six-month period between doses. The children were followed for 25 months. Researchers have identified cases of dengue in children during follow-up.

At the start of the study, about 1,944 children, 79.4% were HIV positive for one or more serotypes of dengue. There has been a diagnosis of dengue found in 668 cases, in 662 children. In the vaccine group which followed the protocol , there were 176 cases of dengue, against 221 in the control group, which represented a 60.8% efficacy in that three doses were dispensed. The efficiency was 64.7% among those who had had at least one injection. http://enjoycoloring.com/tag/tmnt/ The effectiveness varied depending on the serotype of the virus: the vaccine is most effective with serotype 4 (77.7% efficiency) and least effective with 2 (42.3%). There was one case of severe dengue in children vaccinated against 11 cases in others, which allowed researchers to estimate 95.5% protection against severe dengue. Finally, vis-à-vis the hospital efficiency was 80.3%.

The pharmaceutical company estimates that its tetravalent vaccine is effective against dengue would reduce hospitalizations in countries affected by the disease. Following these results, Sanofi plans to file an application for registration of the vaccine: " We expect to submit the vaccine for its registration in 2015 in countries endemic where dengue is a public health priority , "said Olivier Charmeil, President and CEO of Sanofi Pasteur, in a press release. This vaccine would be produced in Neuville-sur-Saône (Rhône).